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Dyson Triple Launch

«Healthy living»

The Triple Launch Event focussed on three novelties of the brand. In order to let guests dive right into the world of Dyson, we created an event around the topic "healthy living" which integrated all new products perfectly.


By designing several room situations, each product was showcased in the different ways possible. At the "demonstration lab", Dyson engineers introduced the technological innovations behind the products.


For the new Dyson Pure Cool Me, we created an AR-App with our partner which demonstrated it’s functions and simulated the pollution around us.

Throughout the two-day launch event, the Swiss media and influencers got to experience the "healthy living" oasis at #dysonhome.  

The triple launch novelties were covered extensively by the media and by influencers.

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Dyson SA


April 2019


Joseph Khakshouri





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